Polyester Yarn PE

 Polyester is a synthetic fiber with a characteristic composition of ethylene (derived from oil). The chemical process that creates complete polyester is called polymerization. There are four basic types of polyester are fibers, filament, coarse, and fiberfill. Polyester is used more in the industry for the manufacture of products such as clothing, household furniture, industrial fabrics, insulation materials … Polyester have many advantages when compared with other types of fiber transmisson system is not hygroscopic, but absorbs oil. These properties make Polyester became a perfect fabrics for those applications against water, dust and fire. Low absorption capacity of Polyester help it self against the stain in a natural way. Polyester fabric does not shrink when washing, anti-wrinkle and anti-stretching. It is also easy to be dyed and not ruined by mold. Polyester is effective insulating material, so it is used to produce pillows, blankets, coats, and sleeping bags.